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12-Week Blow Dry

The 12-week blow dry is one of our most requested treatments, producing a salon blow dry finish that is easy to maintain. This is a keratin-enriched treatment which uses a carefully formulated protein solution which is sealed into the hair cuticles, leaving your hair sleek and smooth for weeks to come. As this treatment is infused with keratin, a natural protein found in hair and nails, it improves conditions and improves the strength of your hair and makes it easier to manage. As a result of this treatment, hair retains its bounce and the need for intense styling is reduced.

Lisse Keratin Treatment

Salon Diva uses the Alfaparf Lisse Keratin Treatment to deliver an unbeatably smooth and long-lasting finish. This treatment is compliant to the strictest EU and international standards making it completely safe to use. All treatments are carried out in our modern, fully equipped salon by members of our fully trained, highly qualified team of stylists.


  • Kera-Collagen Complex A hydrolyzed keratin- and quaternized collagen-based protein complex that mixed with glyoxylic acid guarantees a long lasting smoothing effect.

  • Babassù Oil Precious Amazonian oil with extraordinary moisturizing properties: the hair looks soft, silky and shiny.