The team at Salon Diva includes two masters educated hair colouring experts.

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Hair Colouring

Salon Diva offers an expert hair colouring service, creating a huge variety of styles using high-quality Alfaparf colouring products. Our hair colouring experts can accommodate all types of requests and we also perform colour corrections for those unhappy with their current hair colour. As with all of our services, we always consult with clients before proceeding with a hair colouring treatment in order to ensure we produce the right look.


Our most popular colouring request at the moment, balayage produces a natural looking, sun-kissed hair colour. Thanks to the colouring technique, balayage hair has softer and less noticeable regrowth lines in comparison to traditional highlights. We consider the client’s natural growth patterns and hair tones to produce the most suitable balayage style.


Similar to balayage, ombré hairstyles are darker at the roots and gradually get lighter towards the end of the hair. Our colour experts are able to produce a variety of ombré hair styles which can be tailored to complement the client’s natural hair tones and growth. Ombré hair colouring has the added benefit of being low maintenance.


We also offer traditional highlights, adding depth and movement to the hair through careful spot colouring. We can blend highlights with lowlights to produce a natural, sun-kissed look.


Lowlights are added by colouring sections of the hair a few shades darker than the natural base colour. Using lowlights, we can add depth, dimension and volume to the hair.